Welcome back to NailBytes 1

Yes we are back. I never said I was going to retire completely .... all I said was that we were retiring PrimeTime Galleries - and we did.

We have something to replace that beginning today, so read one ...

Our Latest Update

So, we're still here. I tried to step back and slow down a bit but I received some encouragement from a lot of people in the past week expressing their wishes for us to continue on in some small way, at least. So we've retired PrimeTime, and replaced it with Center Stage. What's the difference? Probably not much - like about the same difference between Prime Time and Daily Dose. Remember Daily Dose? We ran that for several months back in 2008 / 2009 when I counted over 1,000 pictures on my hard drive that either I owned or other people sent in as contributions for Nailbytes1. We were smoking hot back then. Now, not so much. As mentioned on our previous update, we've waved the white flag and given in to almighty Facebook / Twitter generation that may find websites like ours to be obsolete. I found out in a hurry in the past 10 days that a lot of people in our group are not thinking that way and still want to use us a resource for pictures, links, new discoveries and Forums.

So, today we have four Center Stage galleries to kick off this new era. Our updates won't be as frequent, our stuff might not be as exciting to some, but we have enough ideas to work with in our aging tiny little brain here and we should be able to keep your attention for a few minuters at a time, every now and then.

Let me thank those that posted some nice thoughts on the Forum last week along with Ron and Chuck in the Chat Room last Sunday night ... that's all very encouraging and I appreciate it very much. I also appreciate the contributions and this week have one from Yan and Miss Mood. Let's get some more and get this Center Stage Feature rocking.

Center Stage is here , or you can link from the sidebar on this page.